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Increasingly people are becoming aware of the catastrophic damage being caused by geoengineering. Our environment is being destroyed through constant aerosol spraying of our atmosphere. It is time to recognise the threat, it is time to take action.

The Octagon ART is nature’s natural remedy to help restore the earth’s environment, made possible by the dedication of one man…

Dr Wilhelm Reich the father of Orgone energy.


Sponsored by:Climate Changed


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  • I just wanted to say thanks to the Climate Changed guys for helping me with my chest infection. I was in Nottingham shopping when a lovely lass gave me one of the Climate Changed flyers promoting the Octagon ART Atmospheric Restoration unit. To be honest i took a look at the web site, “shocking stuff” but most of it rings true and then forgot about it. I received an email recently from Climate Changed promoting their new web site Aether Engineering. I took a look at the health benefits on the site regarding the Octagon unit and decided to give one a go, they came and installed the unit on a months trial. I have had the unit for three weeks now and i have to say my chest is better, however the change in the house has been amazing, my cats cannot get enough of it, they keep going to the back door and then they go out and sleep near the unit, i have also noticed a lot more birds in and around the area, some circling high above. I have to say i am impressed and i will be donating and keeping my restoration unit and i am looking forward to their next new product release.

    Thanks Guys.


  • Hello,

    I bumped into a guy talking about the climate change hoax and paying taxes in the pub and i mentioned to him about geoengineering, 24 hours later i had a Octagon ART Maxi and i have to say it works, what a wonderful natural device. Well done Climate Changed…..


  • Hi,

    I wrote to Climate Changed asking for help, i was suffering from the constant cloudy days and lack of sunshine and came across the Climate Changed Web Site. I am not much good at DIY and I explained that i could not self-build so Climate Changed free gifted my an Octagon ART Maxi, I could not believe it, they even come and set it up for me now i have far more sunnier periods and my garden has gone crazy. Not to keen on the bird poo on my car though but they are beautiful to watch circling my house high above dancing in the Orgone energy…..

    Thanks Climate Changed crew you are the best…… PS Love the new Aether site. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • I was a long-term sufferer of depression and had been on every type of medication going. After having an OctagonART for a week I didn’t feel the need to take them and I’m now feeling the best I’ve felt in years. I don’t understand how it works, but thank you.

    Tom R


We, The peoples of the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales stand together in rebellion to our corrupt global governance.


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