We are a group of concerned citizens who working with local communities and bright young people have come up with a device to help combat climate engineering.

The primary objective of the Octagon ART is to help combat climate engineering by helping restore the atmosphere using rediscovered ancient technologies. The secondary objective of the Octagon ART is to rejuvenate our environment and help repair the catastrophic damage caused globally specifically by aerosol spraying of our atmosphere.

Aether Engineering has been launched to provide citizens with the means to donate and own and their very own atmospheric restoration unit,  a proven effective method for dispersing chemically induced cloud cover, suppressing extreme weather events and providing constructive biological benefits to all living organisms, including humans.

For those who are aware of the damage being caused by the aerosol spraying of our skies will understand, this is not about money or profits, this is about our very survival, the earth provides us with our food and the continued worldwide spraying of our atmosphere is having a devastating impact on our food chain……

Donate and own your very own atmospheric restoration unit and do your part in proactively helping and supporting our global cause.

Many thanks and the very best of luck for your futures.


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