Octagon ART

Octagon Art Atmospheric Restoration Technology

The Octagon ART is a device for collecting universal aether, combining organic and non-organic materials of the earth to attract positive ions (bad for biological organisms including humans) converting these bad ions into negative ions which has a significant positive impact on all living biological organisms.

The Octagon ART is designed and crafted using only natural earthly materials, these materials used in a specific manner create an aetheric energy field around the device. Using rediscovered ancient technologies, the Octagon ART utilises “shape power” technology “to both control and amplify the etheric energy source providing positive biological effects over a wide geographical area.

How does it work?

The design and construction of the Octagon ART consists of layers of organic and inorganic materials in a specific manner, this establishes a flow direction for the Orgone energy to be produced.

Orgone energy would be attracted to the organic material and be absorbed by it; then the energy flows through the organic material and is absorbed by the inorganic material and then repelled by it, these two processes running continuously draws Orgone energy into the organic side and out of the inorganic side, the Orgone energy flowing directionally through the weaker potentials to the higher potentials.

Shape Power

Shape PowerShape Power describes Dan Davidson’s analysis of the mysterious pyramid energies, Keely’s aether force, Reich’s orgone energy, Schauberger’s diamagnetic energy, plus a host of others, and shows how shape and materials interact with the universal aether to modify the aether into electromagnetic, gravity, and various healing energies. Dan Davidson has spent 35 years of personally funded research into finding how shapes and different materials convert universal aether into other forces and energies. Dan has broken the code on how the process works; how nature manifests from the virtual particle soup of the aether into matter. Dan has also defined a unified field theory which puts all this into perspective, complete with the mathematical physics and a morphology of atomic structure. He defines the embryonic basis for a new branch of physics and chemistry. The implications of the breakthrough discoveries elucidated in his book have far reaching implications in every area of our lives.

The OCTAGON ART utilises this Shape Power phenomena whereby physical shapes convert the aether to other forces as discovered by Dan Davidson, followed by research findings of a universal resonance principal where shape, mass, frequency, and other quantities fit into a natural universal order of creation. Preliminary analysis shows that there is a basic pattern to creation that exists from the sub-atomic level to the higher levels of the physical universe.

This discovery leads to a cohesive understanding of how the aether manifests on various levels and opens the door to a new understanding of how free energy and gravity control is possible.

The Climate Changed OCTAGON ART design incorporates the top three shape power designs, the Octagon containment body, the cone accumulation chamber and the pyramid for amplification and delivery of the Orgone energy.

What is Orgone energy?

Orgone energy is another name for life force Chi-Energy or Prana the energy that permeates the body creating the aura.

Wilhelm ReichOrgone energy was discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich, the discovery was really another aspect of universal aether plus Reich’s invention of tools and mechanisms to intensify and make the energies available to the public for various uses.

“I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge.” — Wilhelm Reich, Archives of the Orgone Institute

His fundamental discoveries are based on how intense manifestations of the aether interact with different types of matter and with all living organisms, including animals and humans.

At first Reich thought that Orgone energy was electrical in nature; however, further research and experimentation showed this energy was a totally new type. Because of the association of this new energy with the orgasm Reich coined the term “Orgone” and believed it was the foundation of life itself, a “divine energy source”!

Dr Reich demonstrated that the atmosphere contained an abundance of Orgone energy and from a life time of scientific studies he demonstrated that Orgone energy is in fact the pre-atomic energy source from which all of the universe is made.

Dr Wilhelm Reich Man’s right to know.

Positive ions are having a negative impact on your life…

DepressionWith the rapid expansion in technologies, there are many forms of energies around us, some well-known such as mobile phone tower radiation, microwave radiation, RF radiation and so on, the earth has become saturated in these damaging radiations which have been scientifically proven to be very harmful to all biological life specifically humans.The reason is because you are being bombarded with positive ions, daily… and these positive ions are having a NEGATIVE impact on your well-being, living near cell phone towers increases the risk of illness and even cancers due to the damaging radiations omitted.
Negative ions on the other hand are indeed the answer, the health benefits have been documented for years… Negative ions can also help restore the environment around you and clear the air in your home of mould and pollen, as well as airborne nasties such as bacteria and viruses.  If we have no choice but to live with some degree of this negative positivity, we can at least try to minimise the impact on our lives and our surrounding environment.

The Octagon ART produces a specific form of energy source called Orgone energy, providing a natural aetheric energy output that helps neutralise the harmful effects of today’s technological radioactive devices.

Orgone Healing

aura-anatomyIn the human body, Orgone energy is naturally replaced by eating food, especiallyapril newsletter raw food, which breaks down into bions through digestion.

Breathing also takes in Orgone energy directly from the atmosphere. When done consciously, this breathing is called Pranayama and is well practiced in many Eastern cultures. The skin also absorbs Orgone energy, especially when exposed to sunlight, which Reich felt was a major source of Orgone energy in the atmosphere.

The Octagon ART attracts dead Orgone [DOR] (positive ions) and converts it into Orgone [OR] (negative ions) which by definition is full of living energy, Orgone is the light, universal energy that is present in everything, it’s what stops decay and creates healing and positive well-being.

These sources refuel the energy at the biological core and the natural metabolism cycle of tension-charge-discharge-relaxation throughout the body. In a healthy individual, these functions are uninhibited.

When you use the Orgone energy field as it is designed, it will energise you with a high level of life force energy channeled HumanEnergyFieldto you through the aether. As with people living near cell phone towers, the body absorbing the harmful radiations, the Octagon ART helps restore the environment around you.

People utilising Orgone energy noticed health improving, plants growing healthier, animals and people being “magnetised” by those universal force energies. Negative energy transmuted into good vibes, prosperity increased, spiritual and psychic channels being opened, a general state of well-being, peace, happiness and joy.

Orgone is the universal life force (prana, chi. Ki) which is found freely in nature, sacred sites around the world are reported to have a healthier vibe and also living near the oceans where there is an abundance of Orgone energy that has not been energetically corrupted or polluted.

Kirlian-Hand-Map-1The Human Body is a very complex machine. Modern Medical science has Auric fields in human fingersunderstood approximately 10% of the workings of the entire body. But the one saving grace is that the body knows how to heal itself. In the mothers womb, the male and female cells unite and start multiplying and forming various organs. The instruction which these cells follow is in the DNA.

Our body is made up of millions upon millions of cells. When the cells of our body undergo a change from normal healthy cells, a disease sets in. In other words, when the frequency of vibration of a group of cells changes from the normal, a disease sets in. Cell phone towers and other technological gizmos in the home bombard our bodies with damaging frequencies.

The change can also occur due to accident, injury, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, old age etc. The cells which are now abnormal can heal themselves and attain the state of normalcy with the help of adequate energy (Anti- entropic) with the same frequency of vibration as a healthy cell. The Octagon ART frequency is an anti-entropic field, therefore can help speed up the healing process and help to protect the body and the local environment from the damaging effects of the technological radiations we are exposed to.

Constructive Biological Effects of Orgone Energy

Constructive biological effectsThe beneficial effects of Orgone energy are well documented, described as a massless, omnipresent medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena, a Luminiferous aether from which all matter arises. It is in constant motion, is attracted to itself and “contradicts” the law of entropy. It forms units that are the foci of creative activity, whether bions, clouds and galaxies, causing spontaneous generation of living organisms out of non-living matter. It can be accumulated in an insulated Faraday cage called an “orgone accumulator” or directed by a cloudbuster.

Reich held that certain forms of illness were the consequence of depletion or blockages of the Orgone energy within the body, the Octagon ART restores energy balance to the body and the local environment

Summary of Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is a condensed form of etheric energy, the design of the Octagon ART with its layering of natural dielectric and conductive materials collects and intensifies Orgone energy so it can be utilised.

As successfully demonstrated by Dr Reich, concentrated Orgone energy as with the Orgone accumulator device has potential uses in the health sciences to bring about better, more natural, non-invasive forms of healing and therapy.

CloudbusterDr Reich also successfully designed and developed Orgone rain making machines and on a number of occasions successfully averted catastrophe by saving crops from drought, indeed Dr Reich’s rain making machine is being used in the present day to help drought hit countries to generate rain, again with great success.

The spin off to the rain making machine was the original Dr Reich Chem-Cannon, a device that could be used to disperse chemically induced clouds and there have been a number of variations of Dr Reich’s original design using resins and crystals all with positive effects.

The Octagon ART is a derivative development of all predecessors, to offer a cleaner more powerful, controllable, affordable simple solution to combat the current serious global threat from climate engineering, electronic and atmospheric pollution and extreme weather events.

Orgone energy is quite literally divine energy, the pre-atomic energy from which our universe is made.

Orgone energy of consciousness


  • Helps restore the atmosphere.
  • Helps to suppress and diffuse severe weather events such as flash flooding, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons and storms.
  • Attacks and neutralises man-made aerosols and chemicals sprayed from aircraft.
  • Breaks apart chemically induced clouds. Creating a clear blue sky above and around the area.
  • Creates a localised aetheric field of influence.
  • Positive constructive biological effects on all living organisms.
  • Accelerated growth in plants, trees and fauna.
  • Rejuvenates your garden with abundance and attracts wildlife, insects and birds.
  • Proven positive effects on food preservation, quality and nutrient uptake.
  • Helps energise and purify water.
  • Helps energise and purify crystals.
  • Helps revitalise and energise the human body and immune system.