Communities Project Chem-A-Lot is about working together for a common goal, “to help and protect each other”.

The Octagon ART range of Orgone generators provide a variable range of influence based on the model and unit capacity. The Octagon ART acts like a filter, the larger the filter, the greater the geographical radius of influence.

For example, the Octagon ART “Micro” is the smallest capacity unit in the range and is best suited for a localised effect within your home and garden, with an observable atmospheric radius of influence of up to one mile, whereas the Octagon ART “Maxi” has been reported to have a radius of influence from ten to fifteen miles, with an even greater radius if operated near bodies of water. We can observe video satellite imagery showing visible shape power effects as far out as fifty miles or more.

Please note that these assumptions have not been scientifically measured, the information is relied upon operators observable data and satellite imagery, please view “Video Evidence” on the drop down menu.

Building a Community Orgone Array

First and foremost it is important for you to understand the technology being used, the machines are not toy’s and should be treated as such, please study the information provided below to gain an understanding of the systems we offer prior to considering your purchase or planning an array.

Whilst our largest model the Octagon ART “Maxi” can provide a beneficial localised radius of influence, the unit can become overwhelmed with constant heavy aerial bombardment, equally if you have two Octagon ART “Maxi’s” running within close proximity to each other, one can effect the others performance unless the operators agree to set (on/off) trigger points, see “set trigger points” in operations sheet provided with purchase.

Depending on the size of the community project and your location, one or multiple devices may be required to achieve the desired results. Many small local communities and suburbs can benefit from the strategic placement of just five or six OctagonART Micro or just three or four OctagonART Midi device using Google Maps to plan the placement, however if your community project is to protect villages, towns or cities, then a strategic geographical array should be considered for optimum performance and benefits.

Note: The Octagon ART “Micro” is not effected by close proximity operation and may be used in individuals grounds without effecting any others.

The radius of influence can vary dependent on country of operation, however the observable data witnessed from our global Project Chem-A-Lot peaceful offensive has provided valuable data from around the world, all with positive results; large bodies of water such as lakes, oceans and rivers, significantly amplify the Orgone effect, it is well known that Orgone is attracted to water.

Anticipated radius of influence:

  • Octagon ART MAXI    Approx. 1.2 – 5+ miles (Inland) and 2 – 15 miles for (coastal operations)
  • Octagon ART MIDI     Approx. 0.5 – 2.4 miles (Inland) no coastal data at time of publication
  • Octagon ART MICRO Approx. 0.1 – 0.5 mile (inland) no coastal data at time of publication

These are modest approximations and may vary greatly depending on atmospheric conditions.

It needs to be noted that during heavy aerial bombardment, units will become overwhelmed, however you can witness the effects of your system working by studying live infrared satellite imagery. Your unit will continue to provide the positive biological effects regardless of atmospheric conditions and so long as the unit remains plugged in and operational.

Below are examples of planning your community array and calculating the radius of influence to maximise the positive biological effects over the widest geographical area possible.

Array Key


Village / Steet Array
Single Device Placements – MICRO Modest 0.125 mile radius shown = 0.05 square miles each

Suburb ArrayTown Array
MIDI Modest 0.5 mile radius shown = 0.78 square miles each

City ArrayCity Array
MAXI Modest 1 mile radius shown = 3.14 square miles
MIDI Modest 0.5 mile radius shown = 0.78 square miles each

Note: It is often hard to find suitable locations for arrays and it will need encouragement from you for others to take part in a local community project, so please make sure to have permission from the land or property owner before placing any additional devices.

By planning your community array you can then attach a cost to the project to then hold fundraising days to fund the community projects, the whole community will benefit and it is the single most important investment one could make in helping to protect each other from this constant aerial bombardment, this is not about money, or profits, it is about our very survival and your donations go towards building and supplying more units as quickly as possible to globally strengthen the Orgone energy field.

How will my community benefit from building an array?

By building a community array, the community will benefit in a number of positive ways

  1. Reich held that certain forms of illness were the consequence of depletion or blockages of the Orgone energy within the body, the Octagon ART restores energy balance to the body and the local environment.
  2. The energy produced “contradicts” the law of entropy.helping reverses the damaging effects of cell phone tower radiations and rejuvenates all living biological organisms at a cellular level including humans.
  3. The Octagon ART attracts dead Orgone [DOR] (positive ions) and converts it into Orgone [OR] (negative ions) which by definition is full of living energy, Orgone is the light, universal energy that is present in everything, it’s what stops decay and creates healing and positive well-being.
  4. When you use the Orgone energy field as it is designed, it will energise you with a high level of life force energy channelled to you through the aether. As with people living near cell phone towers, the body absorbing the harmful radiations, the Octagon ART helps restore the environment around you.
  5. The Octagon ART Micro provides a small localised field for your home and garden and will rejuvenate the the stagnant electronic smog within the home converting it to healthy negative ion energy. Regularly “Airing” your rooms by opening windows and doors will recharge your entire house. It is highly recommended that you and your family get involved in practicing deep breathing exercise even for only 15 minutes per day will have a significant impact on your well being.
  6. Breathing also takes in Orgone energy directly from the atmosphere. When done consciously, this breathing is called Pranayama and is well practiced in many Eastern cultures. The skin also absorbs Orgone energy, especially when exposed to sunlight, which Reich felt was a major source of Orgone energy in the atmosphere.

To discover all the benefits of these new rediscovered energies please do have a good look at the information contained within the site, knowledge is power and good health, ignorance is pain and suffering.

Are there any hazards or negative effects from using these devices?

The people involved with providing you with this solution have each over four years of experience working directly with Orgone energy. To date the only side effects reported have been nausea, headaches or dizziness from over exposure, by over exposure we mean working with the material constantly for long hours.

The unit acts as an energy convertor and omits an aura of energy around the unit radiating about 2ft, whilst this energy aura will not effect a person, continuity standing close to the device within the aura field whilst the unit is operating may cause dizziness, headaches or nausea. Should this occur then the simple solution is for the individual to remove their shoes and socks and stand outside on earth or grass etc to ground the body and discharge any built up energy.

It is advised not to touch or hold any of the metal components of the device, whilst this will not cause any harm directly or seem to have any effect, it can induce feelings of nausea, headaches or dizziness, again the simple solution is to ground the body and do not touch the unit.

Should any individual feel sensitive to the operation of the device, then the unit should be unplugged and the contents of the device removed and separated, to prevent future Orgone generation.

Operating the units is not dangerous, it is about understanding how they work and respecting the safe operations of the unit, please consider this when placing your unit on your premises, it is best to keep the unit away from through traffic and children, a garage, outbuilding, a garden shed or any location in your garden where the unit can operate without need for contact. Treat the unit as if it is a piece of industrial equipment and adhere to the operations sheet and you will enjoy all the benefits the unit has to offer.

The science we provide is not magic or anything new, it is a discovery that has been heavily suppressed for over sixty years and by studying the videos in the video vault within the site, you will quickly become to realise, there are a lot of things that we do not know but should know and it is “our mission” to bring this renewed knowledge to the masses.

It is through our free will and our longing for spiritual love, peace and unity that has brought us together to provide you with this crucial information, so we can together build a peaceful non-violent offensive using nature’s energies as our tool.

Wishing you all the very best of luck with your future and we look forward to working with you to deliver our new world of abundance.

Love, Peace and Unity for ALL